Enhanced Fire Training

It’s important that staff in your workplace have an awareness of fire safety, the dangers fire can cause, and the best ways to deal with fire related situations. Not only is it a responsibility to train staff under the Fire (Scotland) Act 200 and Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006, but it also makes business sense.

Simply put, the cost of training your staff could be significantly lower than the cost to your business of a destructive work place fire.

Course Aim

Our Enhanced Fire Safety Training course aims to give your staff a well-rounded awareness and understanding of the risks posed by fire, advice on responsible actions to prevent fires and understanding of how to react to fire related incidents, should they occur.

The course is aimed at all staff at all levels in the work place and, where possible, will give advice in direct relation to the delegates place of employment.

Course Content

The course covers a wide range of topics and looks to discuss various elements relating to fire, including (but not restricted to):

  • Fire Legislation.
  • Best practice reaction to discovering a fire.
  • How to effectively raise the alarm.
  • Effective actions to take upon hearing the fire alarm.
  • Identifying, and understanding responsibilities of, those nominated as Fire Wardens.
  • Procedures for alerting and managing visitors and members of the public in a situation of fire.
  • Arrangements and responsibilities for contacting fire / emergency services.
  • Understanding and awareness of measurements for safe escape.
  • Personal Emergency Egress Plans for disabled persons.
  • Building evacuation procedures, and assembly points.
  • Location and use of available (and required) fire safety equipment.
  • Risks of flammable materials used on premises.
  • Dealing with findings of Fire Risk Assessments.
  • Importance of Good Fire Safety House Keeping.
  • Power supplies, machinery and ignition sources.

Course Outcome and Duration

On successful completion of the enhanced fire safety training course, delegates will receive a certificate of achievement.

With tailored adjustments to suit customer requirements, this course typically lasts around 2hrs.

Attendee Number

To ensure efficient training, we recommend no more than 12 delegates at a time attend our Enhanced Fire Safety training courses. 

However, we are happy to run multiple courses per company to ensure more staff can attend.