Fire Warden Training

Often with various differing names attached to it, a Fire Warden or Fire Marshall is a person in the workplace who has been given the responsibility of managing people to safety in the event of a fire related situation.

Nominated Fire Wardens can be absolutely crucial in the event of a fire in the workplace. While everyone will generally have some knowledge of how best to react to fire in the workplace, it is the Fire Wardens duty to be fully up to date on a range of factors relating to fire, to ensure maximum potential for fire prevention, and safe evacuation if prevention isn’t possible.

Course Aim

The aim of our Fire Warden Training course is to help bring those nominated Fire Wardens fully up to speed on what’s required of them in their role – their responsibilities in the prevention and management of fire, and the safety of those around them.

Course Content

Our fire warden training course covers a range of topics to ensure nominated Fire wardens are able understand and deal with their responsibilities. The course includes, although not limited to:

  • Details on Fire legislation, facts and figures.
  • Principles of combustion, and how fire spreads.
  • How to spot and manage common fire hazards.
  • Overall responsibilities of a fire warden.
  • Actions and options available in the event of a fire.
  • Evacuation principles.
  • Developing and managing routing fire safety checks.
  • Fire extinguisher awareness.
  • Fire Case Studies.

Course Outcome and Duration

On successful completion of the Fire Warden training course, delegates will receive a certificate of achievement.

With tailored adjustments to suit customer requirements, this course typically lasts around 4-5hrs.

Attendee Number

To ensure efficient training, we recommend no more than 12 delegates at a time attend our Fire Warden training courses. However, we are happy to run multiple courses per company to ensure more staff can attend.