Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessment is now a legal requirement in most workplaces under the “Fire Scotland Act 2005”. We can take care of that for you and put in place risk reduction strategies to protect you fully at a fair and reasonable cost within your budgets.

Why not call us and let us help you make the correct fire protection decisions for your business together.

Our fire risk assessment consultants have decades of fire service experience. This means that your fire risk assessment is carried out by fire risk assessment advisors that help you find the best solutions from years of practical experience.

Fire Risk Assessment

We carry out fire risk assessments, advise on solutions and provide full documentation and management systems to help you manage your risks in easy to use formats.

  • Fire Risk Assessment – Looking at and surveying your premises to determine hazards and reviewing safety measures to minimize those risks.
  • Fire safety policy – This shows how you organise for safety and achieve your objectives.
  • Emergency fire action plan – This plan outlines what your employees will do in the event of a fire.
  • Personal Emergency Egress Plan (PEEPs) – This is an individual fire evacuation plan for staff or customers with disabilities.